Why Gmail is the Best Email Services Provider | 2020 Review

Whenever we think about email the most common name hits us is Gmail. Are you probably thinking about why? As there are many email service providers available around us then why people preferred Gmail the most. Well, I have your answer. In this write up you will get an idea of its popularity.

Why Gmail is the Best Email?

  • Filter feature:

which you can manage your entire mailbox. With this feature, you can create your customize feature that will work according to your wish. This feature will help you in finding out your desired mails only by typing some keywords associated with that mail like initials of the name, few letters of email address, etc. You can also manage your emails by marking them as starred or moving them into the archive.

  • Saves your time :

Gmail understands the importance of time. In the present time due to heavy and hectic schedules, email users hardly get sufficient time for composing mail. So, Gmail comes up with the solution. It’s another smart compose feature that helps you in picking up the most appropriate words one after the other. These will help you in composing your mail accurately and you don’t require to recheck or read them again and again. Hence, saves time.

  • Add multiple accounts :

Gmail also provides users a facility to add different accounts. This feature is useful when the user has to manage different sorts of works or wants to keep his professional and personal stuff separate.  All you need to go to settings option here you will find an option of add account. Click on it fill credentials and your account will be ready in few seconds to access.

  • Schedule emails :

Gmail schedule email feature is another useful entry in the features list. With the help of this feature, you can frame text anytime and set your desired time for delivery. This feature helps a user to catch up with their workplace norms.

  • Theme :

Hardly email providers give you an option to change the appearance. Gmail is different and provides you an option to change the theme. In this option, if you want to create your customize theme then Gmail allows you to do that as well. For changing the theme of your mail. Do follow this step.

o Go to the setting, here you will see a theme option
o, Select any of the given themes.

  • No more annoying ads:

When we use any website or apps over the internet the most annoying thing is those frequent ads. But, when it comes to using Gmail service the scenario is quite different. Gmail does show ads but their ads never affect our email experience. Thus, they always try to keep a balance between user activity and the ads.

  • Organized Mailbox:

Nobody likes a messy mailbox. If we have messages in bulk in our inbox or outbox then keeping them aligned would be a difficult task. But in Gmail users don’t need to bother. Gmail provides you a feature to make folders to keep them sorted. This feature helps you to keep your mails organized and keep them sorted.

  • Attachment size:

Sending attachments with the text message is common nowadays. People frequently attach files (photos / documents /audio / videos). Hence, the size of attachments with mail should be adequate enough to protect users from chaos. Google provides a limit of 20 Mb in the free version. Which is quite better in comparison to other mail services.

Along with these major attributes Bs.to has several other features like security and privacy, requesting/transferring money, mail translations or opening a document in the appropriate format, blocking spam, conversational view, confidential mode and so on are some key points that keep its name at the top of the list.